Monday, 4 April 2016

Four Things to Consider while buying a CCTV System

CCTV System and Surveillance technology has been going under constant development in terms of technology which is not a surprise seeking how fast the world is advancing. Digital IP Cameras have been popular these days as they provide the user with advanced recording capabilities, which is perfect for monitoring home or office space.
Since CCTV System plays a crucial role in the safety of residence or commercial places, it is important that you know the basics that you need to consider before buying one.

Defining Criteria:
The first thing to analyze is your requirement. You must understand the fact that there is no generalization. A system used by your friend might not be suitable as per your needs. Thus, before purchasing any CCTV System, you must
The best thing you can do is to get a clear understanding of your requirement. The thing to remember here is that you should understand that the system that suits your neighbor might not be suitable for you. So, you will have to identify your requirements before proceeding with any CCTV system you first come across. You will have to decide on the area in which you need protection and whether you need recorded footages or live videos and other requirements are to be identified.
Basic requirements: In general, these systems will have one or more cameras that are either software or hardware based and most of them have an image recording facility. Even though, analog cameras found their place in the market and they are still being used, digital cameras are slowly taking up their place in the present market. You will have to decide whether an analogue camera can be the best suitable alternative or whether you should opt for a digital alternative.
Recording options: The images can be stored either on a digital video recorder, a computer or on the camera itself. So, you will have to decide which of these will be ideal for you and should accordingly choose the right alternative. When it comes to CCTV devices with an analogue camera, the output is first digitized before storing, while in the case of those with digital cameras, no such conversions take place for storing of the recorded footage's.
Ongoing surveillance: You should also decide how you want to view the images from the cameras. This means that you should decide whether to allocate a separate room with trained operators to constantly monitor the screens or whether you want a third-party to monitor. Also, decide whether you want to view the footages from a remote location and also identify whether you need alerts via SMS and email if some suspicious activities take place in the home or office in which the device is placed when you are away.
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