Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A Guide to Selecting the Appropriate Access Control System

An access control system is extremely vital in the management of the security of your own house, office premises as well as the public places of importance like heritage museums or hospitals. However, when we talk about the whole term, it is not only limited to the fingerprint devices only. There are several other ways through which the access can be granted to people and that is the essential execution part of such a system. It is the basis on which such systems are graded and the cost is defined. It is why a certain systems are costlier than the other.

When we talk about an access control systems, the authentication can be as simple as logging of a card, which is something you witness in the small-scale companies that require only a basic authentication security. This brings us to the purpose of yours. If you need such a security system, how much should you spend? Are the fingerprint devices secure enough for your purpose or you should invest more?

All you need is a detailed analysis to help you select the appropriate access control system for our need.

The first step is to jot down a few points about your company:
1) What is the size of your company?
2) What kind of data is stored inside the premises of your company?
3) Do you frequently deal with confidential files and data?
4) How many people in your firm will have the access to the confidential data? Etc.

Once you have written down all these points, you can quickly move forward.

It can directly be related with the second question. There are several access control systems in the market that use human features like retina, voice or face for authentication. The fingerprint devices are also included in this category of systems. If you have highly confidential data, it’s wise to go for these systems.

Speed of Authentication
It can be related with the size of your company. If there are hundreds or thousands of employees, you will need a system that can process faster, which will require a good investment. However, for a small scale company, the basic ones will do just fine.

Hardware and Software Integration
Are you going to integrate the access control system with a video camera? What kind of operating system will you use to connect? Before you make your purchase, you must check out the compatibility factor as well.  

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