Thursday, 2 November 2017

Payroll on Cloud

Benefits of Payroll on Cloud:

Human Resource Management is the most important aspect of any organization. Employee record management, leaves management, attendance and payroll management are the most important HR functions for any organization. In today’s globalized world, most companies have moved to work as de-centralized organizations having several business units based in different locations across the globe. De-centralization helps any organization to be more mobile, effective, global and modular to reach business opportunities in local regions. The increase in number of business unit locations increases the requirement of having localized HR professionals to manage local employees and HR functions.

Conventional HRMS, which is usually installed on servers which are physically located in one geographic location and makes it difficult for HR professionals to access information for employees who are based out in different geographic locations. In case if HRMS is implemented centrally at one location to manage all business units, the single location HR system processes face issues like not understanding localized HR needs and processes of the remote business unit.
Cloud based software, as we all aware is picking up popularity these days, promotes more accessibility, flexibility and customizations as per localized business units & locations. Today, we have various cloud based solutions available for Human Resource Management e.g. online employee management, multi-lingual systems, online leaves management, learning management and many more.

Benefits of using Payroll on Cloud:

  • HR professionals & Employees can access your Payroll Software from almost anywhere in the world via internet.
  • You don’t have to invest time and money in running payroll manually. Payroll on cloud is more robust and accurate.
  • You can configure and set-up different payrolls for each different business unit located in different locations without any extra cost and headache to hire HR professionals for each location.
  • More collaboration, as employees can access pay slips and self-service functions online anytime anywhere, and using any device e.g. computer, tablets, mobiles etc.
  • Low operation cost, as you don’t have t o worry about managing in-house servers and technical team to manage your software.
  • More Visibility across the organization. Managers can view summary reports online for the entire de-centralized organization at one place.
  • For SME, pay-per employee model helps them save lot on their HR function expenses.

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