Monday, 20 November 2017

POS Software for Fruits and Vegetable

A smart, intuitive POS software with features like billing, inventory, price-fixing, wastage management, promotional offers, inbuilt financial accounting, etc. It also helps in streamlining your store operations by providing business intelligent reports that enable timely actions & further encourage customer buying.

This solution provides complete visibility on the inventory status with wastage & you can conduct simple daily physical stock audit with variance reports. Furthermore, you can also integrate POS accessories like weighing scale, barcodes, etc. with this Fruits & Vegetables Shop POS software.


  • Easy to use with minimum training.
  • Holding a sale if a customer decides to buy something else or has forgotten money.
  • Floating Operator.
  • Weighing scale integration.
  • Sell items by count or weight.
  • Price control.
  • Special offers can be set to a day and time.
  • Mix & Match promotions i.e. buy one get one free, including Time, Day and Date for future promotions.
  • Fast Tender Keys.
  • Sales Review at “point of sale” and back office • Point-of-sale reports and Z report • Online/Offline POS.
Price control | Customer Loyalty program | Bar-coding System | Waste Management | Weighing Scale
Customer Loyalty program | Multiple mode of payment | Reorder Level | Day close Transaction.

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  1. I just want to make sure that you are aware of Er4u - Retail POS Software. Either way, keep posting.